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Helping business leaders achieve extraordinary results

What makes us different?

Fundamentally there are three reasons that make us different and why clients partner with TLC to deliver coaching in their business.

The quality of our coaches

All our coaches are highly qualified in coaching psychology, human and organisational behaviour as well as having a combination of business acumen and expertise which means they are highly credible. They are also committed to CPD and have on-going coaching supervision.

Our coaches know what it takes to develop outstanding leaders, human behaviour and organisational performance; the awareness they need to create and the behaviours leaders need to demonstrate and foster. In short, our coaches are expert at shifting mindsets and behaviours, bringing about sustainable change and developing enhanced leadership and people capabilities. Developing emotional intelligence is the golden thread.

Extraordinary results

We have a track record of delivering tangible commercial and cultural ROI. We evaluate all coaching contracts so that our clients can see a commercial and cultural return on their investment, and we commit to contributing more than you invest with us.


Global energy supplier EON – financial return of 396%


Global spirits company Brown Forman – financial return of 432%

The Organisational Insights we provide

Our coaching work gives us access to deep reaching organisational insights which go above and beyond one-to-one coaching requirements.

Organisational insights are the feedback we see and hear as we work with your leaders. This rich data provides valuable insights into what is helping or hindering learning, behavioural change and business impact. We share this information anonymously with key stakeholders.

When working with three or more coachees within an organisation, we anonymise our findings to provide a valuable report full of organisational insights that help you take your business forward.

As an example, we won multiple awards for the coaching we provided to global energy supplier E.ON where we delivered a financial return of 37 to 1.


Our Values

We’ve made a deliberate choice to focus on values that are important to us – and you. Our values underpin everything we do. They guide our decisions and behaviours. They’re behind our cohesion and team spirit.

Thanks to our values, you can understand what it’s like to be in partnership with us and the quality of the experience you can expect.

Meet the Team

While we all bring different specialisms and passions, we are united in our belief that given coaching at the right time, leaders can implement huge positive change and create a successful conscious and inclusive culture, culminating in significant business impact.

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