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Transformational Leadership Development

Leadership is challenging as businesses become even more complex in today’s fiercely competitive and unpredictable world. How do leaders make conscious informed decisions, drive conscious change and take courageous and potentially daunting steps forward? How do they create a conscious culture, that permeates traditional and hybrid working models, in which people feel valued, engaged and included; are encouraged to grow and experience connected relationships; and are actively empowered to thrive?

Now more than ever before, business leaders need to be emotionally agile, consciously inclusive, courageous, purposeful and compassionate as well as being resilient, nurturing their people whilst driving accountability to deliver results.

Coaching is a powerful business tool that supports and challenges leaders to step up to the plate. By analysing their situation, behaviours, thoughts and feelings as well as their ambitions, coaching will enable leaders to transform their personal, team and business performance.

How we work

Our coaching can be delivered F2F and virtual or a mixture of both depending on the needs of the coachee on a 121 or as a group. We may recommend using a profiling tool as a way of stimulating self-awareness and discussion such as 360-degree feedback, MBTI, Insights, Hogan and Neo.

All TLC coaches have a deep understanding of how to develop the key components of our Conscious Leadership Framework whose six key characteristics; Emotional Intelligence, Trust, Leadership Conversations, Purposeful Energy, The Pause and Compassion, enable leaders to take conscious decisions and drive conscious change. We develop Conscious Leaders by encouraging them to understand themselves, their impact on others and the business, and support them on their journey to becoming truly outstanding and significantly impacting business performance.

End-to-end Coaching Process

Our robust and award-winning end to end coaching process ensures that our coaching is engaging, high impact, systemic and delivers a commercial and cultural return on investment.

Coaching Brief

  • Coaching brief provided
  • End to end coaching process agreed
  • Service Level Agreement agreed.

Getting Started

Coachee and line manager complete a draft Coaching Engagement Brief (CEB) and sends to TLC.

TLC Support Team

Support team sends welcome email and 2 coach CVs to the coachee.

Chemistry Session

Coachee sets up virtual chemistry meeting and chooses who to work with.

Coaching Contract

The coach meets with the coachee to agree coaching objectives and x3 way with line manager for input and coaching contract agreed.


Investment agreed, purchase order provided and CEB signed off.

The Coaching

Coaching begins with a mid and end coaching review between the coachee, line manager and coach.

End of Coaching Review

Coachee, line manager and coach complete the end of coaching review and evaluation.


Our Coaches

Our team are a select group of top leadership coaches and mentors who have also led and facilitated leadership development and culture change programmes across different organisations and industries. We all bring different specialisms and passions, but we are united in our belief that, given coaching at the right time, leaders can create huge positive change in their lives, a successful conscious and inclusive culture and make a significant business impact.

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