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How mature is your organisational coaching practice?

We’ve broken down our recent report on organisations’ coaching maturity into bite-size video clips that can be easily viewed and absorbed.

Here are a few of them.

Video clip 1 – We knew that many organisations didn’t involve the coachee’s direct manager in the coaching process. But even we were surprised at how many.

Video clip 2 – Are you fully assessing the cultural and financial ROI of your organisational coaching interventions? The stats in this short clip are astonishing. 

Video clip 3 – This short clip outlines some remarkable headline stats from the source TLC survey.

Video clip 4 – Our wide-ranging coaching insights, including the biggest challenge when engaging external coaching providers.

Video clip 5 – Our report “How mature is your organisational coaching practice?” offered some clear and practicable recommendations. Here are a few:

Video clip 6 – Briefing your coaches is incredibly important. But it’s not the only thing that’s important in your coaching practice. Here are a few of the crucial recommendations we revealed in our report