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Case studies and testimonials

Transforming coaching outcomes by consolidating coaching provision at E.ON

E.ON is an international energy company providing residential and business electricity and gas solutions. With over 9400 employees in the UK they are the 2nd largest energy provider.

The Challenge

Improve an inconsistent coaching methodology and streamline coaching provision.

E.ON identified around 54 different coaching providers within the organisation and conceded they couldn’t get a clear understanding on what value it was giving to the business. Their aim was to make their coaching much simpler, easier to access and to have rigour around the end-to-end process including quality of coaches, code of ethics and evaluation as well as making the costs more transparent and manageable.

To meet this challenge E.ON took the decision to contract with a single supplier for all its UK coaching needs.

The Solution

Implement a simple, transparent, consistent and robust coaching process with one supplier.

As an existing supplier of coaching to E.ON we had a proven track record in the business and were chosen to be the new sole provider.

E.ON was confident that we would meet all their expectations, particularly around evaluation and offering strength around the quality, diversity and rigour of our coaches. They felt that our coaches had the right qualities, experiences, strong qualifications and regular supervision to deliver the work effectively.

We worked with E.ON to develop a robust, bespoke process, from the initial request for coaching, right through to the end of coaching evaluation. Their preference was to give more control and decision making to the coachees and their line managers in a more informed way, with HR supervising the process. We implemented OI (Organisational Insights) and a comprehensive evaluation process to assess its success and measure ROI.


Improved efficiencies; productivity; improved customer service and an ROI of 2,023%.

Stephen King, Head of Global Learning, Central & Southern Europe says, “The impact of awarding TLC the contract has been significant. “TLC is delivering exactly what I wanted. As well as getting a good, transparent process, we’re also getting evaluation of our coaching and flexibility where we need it and it isn’t compromising the service on either side.”

“I have absolute trust in what we’re doing with them. There’s been a dramatic improvement from where we were two years ago on a number of levels like cost, transparency, rigour, process, employee engagement and evaluation. Coaching is definitely valued, you can absolutely see it,”

E.ON have reported that the coaching has improved efficiencies, increased productivity, enhanced customer service and led to improved relationships with key stakeholders, peers and direct reports.

The comprehensive evaluation and OI reports, produced as part of the contract, have shown a demonstrable value to the business, with coachees gaining very high levels of achievement for their coaching objectives and have reported that it has made a positive difference to their work performance.

To date, the contract has generated an ROI of 2,023%. In essence, this means that for every £1,000 spent on coaching E.ON has gained £20,230 back.

The success of the programme has been recognised externally, winning two Silver Training Journal Awards for ‘Best Coaching & Mentoring Programme’ and ‘Best Training Partnership’.