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Case studies and testimonials

Global Talent Development Programmes for Potential Leaders at O2

The Challenge

In the fast moving telecommunications sector having a set of capable leaders around the globe is crucial to help O2 maintain their competitive advantage. O2 identified a potential talent pool to satisfy this task and while they were competent in their own area of expertise, O2 wanted to invest in the future by developing their leadership and relationships capability and to deliver business crictical projects to support their ambitious strategic plan.

The Approach

These potential future leaders were a multi-cultural and diverse set of individuals, based around the globe. They were divided into six cohorts and we developed a talent programme aimed at helping them develop their leadership capability and work as a team. A key focus of the programme was to deliver a real-life project and present it to the board. Working almost primarily virtually across a variety of time zones we worked with the teams to help them manage the team dynamics and their individual relationships. We coached them to appreciate their cultural differences and how they could come together for mutual gain as collective leaders. The sessions were very much about relational leadership, and with each of them allocated a Board Sponsor within the business, we addressed the management of these sponsors and other stakeholders and how to get the best out of these relationships to support delivery of the strategic project.


A key success for the programme was that these future leaders gained a deeper understanding about themselves and each other. Spanning multiple countries and continents they learned not only how to work with each other to deliver a successful project but also how to manage their relationships with other sponsors and stakeholders. Working in a relatively disruptive market, the programme created leaders that are armed with the skills to manage the business through future change. The skills they gained working collaboratively and being able to react to change as a team, are of greater importance than ever for the business.