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Ineke is an experienced coach and organisational change expert with 15 years’ experience in Sales and Marketing, having worked internationally for Regus Business Centres, MCI WorldCom and Verizon.

Ineke also has extensive experience in leading change programmes as a result of mergers and acquisitions, where keeping the focus on client and staff engagement, developing trust, collaboration, communication, influencing and managing stakeholders whilst delivering business results were critical for success and delivering business results. She has worked across a variety of sectors including defence with Dutch ministries and Ministry of Defence, engineering, transport and with consultancies like PwC.

Ineke is an experienced international 1:1 and team coach working with Partners, Directors and leaders. As well as her native Dutch, she is fluent in German and English. Her coaching style is holistic, insightful and intuitive, and she helps her clients reach greater awareness, working on aligning head, heart and intuition to bring about lasting change. Ineke enables her clients to become more self-aware, and therefore to proactively identify and resolve challenging issues both personally and professionally to deliver business results.

Operational Experience:

  • Sales and Marketing Manager for Regus Business Centres
  • Sales Manager in the Finance and Professional Services sector for MCI WorldCom and Verizon
  • Experienced leader in mergers and acquisitions focusing on client and employee engagement.


  • MSc in Coaching and Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Member of ICF
  • Life Design Coaching, post-Master
  • NLP Master Coach
  • International NLP Trainer
  • Intuitive Awareness for Professionals
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • 1-year Organisational Change Program
  • Various courses in South American wisdom traditions.


  • Developing capability to build high trust, collaboration, impact and influence with key stakeholders
  • Facilitating Large Group Interventions harnessing individuals and teams around change
  • Design and facilitation of Leadership Development Programmes
  • Facilitator on an international MBA and MSc Programme on Peer Coaching.
  • 1:1 coaching with Executives, Directors and Leaders
  • Team coaching and development including working with senior teams who have to lead significant change
  • Working with organisations to facilitate Change Programmes as a result of mergers and acquisitions
  • Facilitating large group interventions harnessing individual and teams around change building resilience