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Corinne has extensive international experience as a facilitator and coach, specialising in experiential methods of learning and development to facilitate personal and organisational change.

She is passionate about creating bridges between professional and personal development in organisations. Corinne’s coaching philosophy is based on a belief that individuals have all the resources within themselves to bring about the changes they seek. She uses different tools, involving a whole brain approach, to help clients identify their goals and work towards achieving them, within their organisational contexts. Corinne has a challenging and supportive style that honours the uniqueness of each person and helps them to clarify their own paths, obstacles and means of realising objectives.

A qualified teacher, trained in experiential methods of learning and development, she uses this approach to facilitate organisational and individual change. Now based in Paris, she works with international clients in many different sectors such as defence with Thales and the European

Operational Experience:

  • Director of Studies- York Consultants
  • Head of Department in the UK’s Industrial Society designing, marketing, and delivering training and conferences on several Human Resource issues
  • Training Manager for Paris-based consultancy, responsible for recruitment, training, and management of the training team
  • Works with a variety of international networks on assignments involving training, workshops, facilitation, and on-going coaching.


  • Performance Coaching (model GROW)
  • Accredited for various diagnostic tools (Success Insights, Insights Discovery, OPQ, DolQuest)
  • Personal development courses: emotional intelligence, self-esteem enhancement, clean coaching, developing purpose
  • Teacher of Drama & English (London & Middlesex Universities)
  • RSA Certificate in TEFL.


  • 1:1 coaching for senior and middle managers: adapting leadership style to new culture, post 360 evaluation action planning, identifying development for high potential global executives, developing board-level capacity
  • Intercultural management and communication
  • Team Development workshops and cross-cultural communication
  • Intercultural leadership and communication
  • Diversity awareness workshops
  • Women’s development
  • Facilitating Coaching development programmes
  • Train the trainer workshops for coaches and consultants looking to work with teams
  • Observer in Assessment centres for high potential executives
  • Harnessing collective intelligence for better results (open space, world café, systemic representation)
  • Assertiveness training
  • Developing the manager coach in organisations.